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May 12 2016
Myth: Hand Slaughtered Vs Machine Slaughtered
Holistic and Scientific parameters would undo apprehensions

The parameter by which a slaughtered Zabeeha animal becomes permissible is same as in the Hand Slaughtered or the Machine Slaughtered. The principles of Halal and Zabeeha slaughtering are not negotiable and such could be met in both cases.

If speed of the machine slaughtering process does not match the Islamic definition of Halal, if 100% significance in approval cannot be achieved because of the automation and human errors, then there is always a materially innovative path to satisfy the fundamentals of Islamic slaughtering on such matters. It would require the WILL of the business operators to comply what is needed to make it 100% Holistic Halal Slaughter (HHS).

Same goes to the Hand Slaughter, if a single Islamic Scholastic Operator (ISO) is capable of slaughtering one chicken in 15 seconds then he / she cannot be expected to slaughter continually for eight hours to produce 1900 Hand Slaughtered Chickens (HSC). There would be human errors in the recitations of Tasmiyah as well as errors in slaughtering process too. To eradicate such errors in Hand slaughters, one would accommodate space, multiple Islamic scholastic operators, and limit the number of chickens which could be managed in such a facility. Otherwise, very famed Hand Slaughter would be worst than what one may perceive with same mode of machine slaughtering.

In Canada, 1.2 million (12,00,000) strong Muslim community must get most economical Halal Slaughtered Poultry (HSP) and such would not be possible unless Hand Slaughter Automation in Slaughtering are combined with Holistic and Scientific principles to produce Halal Meat and Poultry.

Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA) audits, inspects, investigates Haram Critical Control Points (HCCP) and recommends Corrective Halal Actions (CHA) in a chain of claimed Halal Food Production (HFP) with 100% significance and approves Halal Accreditation accordingly. Keeping the trust between CHFCA & Food Manufacturers to provide Halal confidence is a Holistic approach for the satisfaction of all consumers.

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