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  • May 12 2016 
  • Restaurants declaring Halal lag behind with Halal Certification
  • CFIA regulates the Halal Certification but Follow-on is needed

While making a search about Halal serving restaurants, one would find every second Restaurant in GTA claiming to be Halal serving. When it comes to challenging them to prove with their FDA mandated and CFIA regulated Halal Certificate from a government recognized Halal Certifier, they fail to present such a Halal Certificate. Their excuse comes with a citation that they bought the Halal Meat from a Muslim Butcher or a claiming Halal Meat Butchery. Such a claim is not sufficient for two reasons:

  1. A claimant of Halal Butchery must get certification from a Certifier (i.e. CHFCA).
  2. A claimant of Halal Food serving Restaurant must be Halal Certified (i.e. CHFCA).

Halal certification is not only about Halal Red Meat and Halal Poultry but the ingredients added in the process, the flavourings and the person processing such a Halal Food must be qualified enough to make the prepared food Halal Assured. For this reason, a Restaurant must be Halal Certified if claiming to be Halal.

Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA) requests upon the Halal consuming community to use their rights to assure hundred percent satisfactions by seeking a Halal Certificate issued by a Certifier (i.e. CHFCA) to eradicate any chances of Haram in their holistic food.

Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA) offers financially favourable, technically workable and Holistically Halal Certification to meet the requirements of Food and Drugs Acts (FDA) as recommended by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), as per the reference number SOR/204 – 76 April, 2014 in Food and Drugs Act: B.01.050 [P.C. 2014-353 April 3, 2014].

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