Title : What is Automated Halal Slaughtering

: Admin | : 2020-08-03

In the "Automated Halal Slaughtering" Chicken is slaughtered by the religious Muslim men, physically present, who recite the Tasmiah & Takbeer during the slaughtering process who use a rotary automated knife and when needed a manual straight knife during the slaughtering process of the Zabeeha Chickens. In CHFCA terminology, it is called Automated Halal Slaughtering. With this process, there is no difference between the so-called Hand Slaughtering and Automated Halal Slaughtering.  

CHFCA does not allow any decapitation of the chickens or Zabeeha cattle in the process of Manual or Automated Halal Slaughtering. CHFCA assures its customers and consumers with absolute adherence to the Islamic Jurisprudence leaving no shadow of any doubt in the processing and consuming of Halal Zabeeha products.

The so-called phrase machine slaughtering often refers to the process where chickens are slaughtered in the absence of humans and machine slaughters the chicken with all the recitations played on tape. "CHFCA DOES NOT ALLOW  SUCH A METHODOLOGY IN ITS CERTIFICATION PROCESS" - This is to let any distractor understand the difference between the two.