Title : William Osler Health System (WOHS) Kitchen

: Admin | : 2018-02-26

William Osler Health System (WOHS) Kitchen 

Health Like Safety
Our target is to achieve zero health related accidents or incidents caused or made worse by work. We will manage Health like Safety with clear arrangements in place wherever we work.

In addition, we will use the workplace as a venue for promoting healthy lifestyles while recognizing that this remains a matter of personal choice. This is our vision across Carillion, and we use a wide range of tools to help us achieve it.



Title : Prime Health Ltd. #11450 - 201 A, Street Maple Ridge, Greater Vancouver Area, BC Canada V2X 0Y4

: Admin | : 2020-02-15

1. Cal Mag Zinc with D Tablet

2. Fish Oil Softgel

3. Colostrum – 500 mg (Mapleland)

4. Lutein - 20 mg (Mapleland)

5. Eldon Nutrition NuraCare – 840 mg

6. Omega 3 Fish Oil – 1000 mg (Mapleland)

7. Eldon Nutrition Omega 3 EPA 600mg DHA 300mg Fish Oil Softgel

8. Vitamin B Complex (Mapleland)

9. Vitamin C 500 mg Blueberry Flavour (Mapleland)