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Halal Certification

Halal Certification

Welcome to Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA). Our undertaking is to make straightforward the Halal certification process by focusing on undeterred communication, Study of plant schematic, Examining the processing and production flow chart, Determining critical control points against Haram, Auditing the incoming ingredients and additives, Establishing Preventive Haram Hazards (PHH), Documenting the procedure, and keeping the record of every aspect of Halal Certification for future references. Our mission is to provide a highly professional and viably recognized Halal Food Compliance Certification. We have professional Halal Food Specialists Imam, Knowledgeable religious Imam and our certification process is stringent with consumers friendly and economically viable for the Halal Food manufacturing clients who get certified.

We are honoured to have a team of Inspectors, Auditors, Islamic Scholars and with exceptionally experienced team to help get you certified using a simple five step approach:

Evaluation of the Recombination, Reconstitution, Processing, Production and Packaging by going through Plant schematic and product flow diagram

Auditing of the all incoming ingredients, additives and the personnel directly involved in the Halal process especially when a slaughtering is involved.

Haram Preventive Procedures (HPP) discussed with the Production team to avoid Cross contamination with assured laid and documented procedures.

Certificate of Halal issued for the Processing, Production and Packaging with specified listing of the products which were screened for the certification.

A time table set for the monitoring of compliance as per the Islamic Halal Process (IHP) through a scheduled visit of CHFCA inspector.

Categories which CHFCA Certifies


Islamic Halal Zabeeha; compliant slaughter including Beef (cows & buffalos), Mutton (goat & sheep), and poultry.

Food Products:

Food ingredients within food products, food snacks, sea food and dairy products.

Food Premises:

Restaurants, Hotels, canteens, hostels, food chains, Catering companies, Airlines, Railways and Hospitals etc.

Benefits of Halal Certification

The market demand for HALAL compliance food in Canada is growing constantly; HALAL mark gives businesses from different sectors several benefits and advantages:

  • Listing your company and brands in HALAL list is profit.
  • Competitive advantage and an additional bigger market share.
  • Easy access when exporting to International Market (OIC Countries).
  • Establishes a credible commitment to the consumers of Halal parameters.
  • HALAL requires safety and hygiene as well which is important to third party.
  • Avoid losing Muslim consumers in Canada and the United States of America.
  • Ensures the Muslim community of their Halal Food Requirements in your brand.