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Who We Are

Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA) is an independent, non-affiliated organization registered under the laws of Ontario, carrying experience of Halal Food Specialist and Imams with full knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence on edibles for more than 20 years in audit, inspection, testing and training. Presently, we are providing Halal services to businesses in Canada. Our all Halal services and training are based on The Qur'an and the tradition of The-Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

We have team of Imams, Halal Food Auditors, Halal Food Inspectors and specialists having professional, Islamic compliance, food safety and quality experience of many years. Our Halal services are based on audit, inspections, testing and Islamic compliance as per Halal Guidelines in The-Qur'an and Ahadith Mohammad (PBUH).

The "Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA)" provides Halal compliance and training services as indicated within the page of Categories which CHFCA Certifies under Get Certified Heading.